Rough start on the future

BGR’s Zach Epstein in September of 2011:

“Sorry Apple, Windows 8 ushers in the post-post-PC era”

Apple paved the way but Microsoft will get there first with Windows 8. A tablet that can be as fluid and user friendly as the iPad but as capable as a Windows laptop. A tablet that can boot in under 10 seconds and fire up a full-scale version of Adobe Dreamweaver a few moments later. A tablet that can be slipped into a dock to instantly become a fully capable touch-enabled laptop computer. This is Microsoft’s vision with Windows 8, and this is what it will deliver.

BGR’s Brad Reed today:

“Current crop of Windows tablets deemed ‘simply too flawed to recommend’”

Tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems have struggled to gain traction so far and Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows says there’s a very simple explanation for this: The first generation of Windows tablets just isn’t very good. To be clear, Thurrott says that there are several touch screen Windows 8 PCs and ultrabooks that are very worthy of users’ time and that shouldn’t be overlooked. But when it comes to pure tablets, he deems that every single one is “simply too flawed to recommend” to anyone interested in buying one.

Can’t believe that pie-eyed vision didn’t work right out of the gate.