» Meet Vesper

Vesper is a new note-taking app for the iPhone from the unholy trinity of John Gruber, Brent Simmons and Dave Wiskus. I’ve been beta-testing Vesper for a couple of weeks and it’s earned a coveted spot (I over-anthropomophize apps) on my home screen. Personally, I use it to capture and keep track of story ideas, tagging them by type or who I want to pitch them to. Federico Viticci sums Vesper up thusly:

Vesper is a solid app with a clear vision: it is an elegant and purposefully unspecific destination for thoughts. It’s not a diary, a reminder app, or a plain text-based todo manager – but it’s fast, nice-looking, and easy to use.

It’s not huge on features, but it’s great at what it wants to do: let you get notes down fast and keep them organized. Like Viticci, I would have liked to have seen an iPad version as well.

And, yes, I’m a friend or at least a tolerated acquaintance of all three gentlemen who worked on this app and have done “business” with at least one of them.

Nothing weird.

Or super weird.

OK, it was super weird. But I think it’s still legally considered “business” in Nevada.

You can get Vesper for $4.99 on the App Store.