How many iPhones?

Last week when an analyst proclaimed that Samsung had overtaken Apple in the U.S. while neglecting to count Apple Store sales I started to wonder exactly how many iPhones Apple sells through its stores.

Apple doesn’t provide that breakout and I couldn’t find it anywhere else but we can guess using numbers from their quarterly results.

  • The iPhone represents 53 percent of all Apple revenue.
  • Apple’s retail revenue last quarter was $5.2 billion.
  • The average selling price of an iPhone is about $613.

So, do the math.

($5.2 billion X 0.53) / $613 = 4.5 million

Now, any one of these may be off. The iPhone is almost certainly less than 53 percent of Apple Store revenue as opposed to Apple’s overall revenue. And the average selling price of an iPhone in the U.S. alone is probably higher than the global average. So, the total is likely somewhere south of this. Consider 4.5 million the upper bound for last quarter.

Even if it’s half of that, it’s a ridiculous number to just leave out and declare Samsung the winner. Unless you’re just looking to make headlines for your firm.

Ohhh, right.