Anecdote theater

My dad’s had a BlackBerry for years because it was what was supported by his office. Just recently it came time to upgrade and he went to the AT&T store and told the salesperson (who was about 50 years his junior) he needed to upgrade his BlackBerry. The salesperson let him try out the BlackBerry Q10 for a while.

After a few minutes my dad said “I can’t figure this thing out.” The salesperson laughed and said “Yeah, I can’t either. How about an iPhone?”

My dad now has an iPhone 5. Because he’s had an iPad for several years, it was completely easy for him to pick up, the only thing he needed my help with was setting up voicemail. I’d note that backs up this piece about how Apple’s advantage is having a strong presence in both phones and tablets, but I don’t want to make too much of an anecdote.