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The New York Times responds to the maker of scroll kit, a tool to help publications create effects like those found in the Times’ Snow Fall piece.

If you wouldn’t mind using another publication to advertise your infringement tool, we’d appreciate it.

This after demanding the removal of this phrase:

The NYT spent hundreds of hours hand-coding “Snow Fall.” We made a replica in an hour.

The New York Times apparently believes it can control references to their name. I do not believe that is correct and I can’t imagine anyone in their newsroom thinks that either.

(Via Marco Arment.)

ADDED: I should note that I agree with Sara Morrison who says (via Richard Dunlop-Walters):

…copying “Snow Fall” wholesale is copyright infringement, and doing so for the purpose of advertising a product with a tagline that undermines all the hard work that went into “Snow Fall” is, frankly, rude.

Neither side here is exactly looking that great.