» On bigger being better

The key to this “switching from the iPhone” story for me seems to be this:

The most important thing was that the transition, which I’d sort of wanted but feared for several years, was seamless, mostly because I already used so much Google stuff.

If you do, it doesn’t seem like that much of a shock that an Android phone would suit your life better.

If, for some reason, I had to give up the iPhone — let’s say I was asked to leave, that seems like the most likely scenario — the HTC One would probably be the first phone I’d look at (the writer bought the HTC One S).

I regularly hear from switchers how wrong we are about phone size, that bigger phones simply are better. I’m not completely opposed to a larger screen, but I don’t want a larger phone. The iPhone 5 works for me because it’s physically smaller than the 4 and 4S. At the same time, I never really feel like I’m missing that much when I go back to using my iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is certainly better for reading, but I don’t consume that much media on my iPhone. Maybe I would if the screen was even bigger? Or in my eye?

While for some it seems to be the factor, screen size is just one of several for me. This is probably also why I have a laptop with an 11-inch screen. This is not an invalid lifestyle choice.

As an aside, why do all switcher stories always have so many exclamation marks?

Finally, I thought, someone woke up and made what I’ve been dreaming of! And it’s HTC! … Thank you, HTC!

Really with that?