» ‘Are We Ready for Glass?’

Matt Alexander ponders how Glass and an Apple watch might become successful:

In the years leading up to the iPad — the time during which Microsoft continued to push outmoded tablet technology — Apple released the iPhone. It was a device steeped in obviousness for even the most technology illiterate person — a device which paved the way toward a larger computing equivalent of the device.

I suspect that, if Apple does introduce a wrist-worn device over the next twelve months, we’ll witness a similar trajectory.

To me it seems like Glass might do almost the opposite, trickle down instead of bubble up. I can see immediately uses for Glass in vertical markets, as Tim Cook mentioned — things like breaking news and medical instruction. At the same time, technology enthusiasts will start to experiment with it, ideally outside of the shower. But it won’t reach broad appeal in its current format, it’ll take a number of iterations to get the creepy dork factor out before that can happen.