» Use what works

Tom Harrington:

Users hear about how great iCloud is and how apps can use it to sync their own data. They quite reasonably wonder why your app isn’t using it. Syncing data is a great idea, Apple gives you iCloud, why aren’t you using it, dammit? But if you did use it, the app would be so unreliable that users would (again, quite reasonably) complain that it was a steaming pile of shit.

(Via Brent Simmons.) Harrington would certainly know much better than I would, but I’m surprised that users would ask for a particular underlying technology for syncing. Personally, I just want it work. So, currently, I’d prefer developers not use iCloud.

ADDED: Chris Pepper points out it’s the credentialing that people like. Everyone’s already going to have an iCloud account as opposed to Dropbox or something else. That makes sense. If only it worked.