The iPad reckoning

It’s the iPad’s third anniversary and IT’S TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK! TUAW looks back at those who were oh, so very wrong about the iPad.

Truth be told, I thought the iPad would sell like the proverbial breakfast cakes that are also flat but didn’t expect it to be the hit it turned out to be. I should have known better, though, because I hardly ever saw our first iPad. My son, naturally, took to it like a kid to an electronic device that you can download games to. My wife was recovering from a surgery that following week and lay on the couch with it for hours watching documentaries. Six months later I gave in to the realization that “my” iPad was the family iPad and bought myself another. I have a feeling that wasn’t an uncommon experience.

We still have that unit, it still works and it still doesn’t run Flash. It does seem a little long in the tooth now since it won’t run iOS 6, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as much use out of a $500 computer.