Sponsor: PDFpen 6 from Smile

My thanks to Smile for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week.

If you need to do anything with PDFs, you need PDFpen. Add a signature, make changes, correct a typo, fill out forms, and more! Got a scanned document? PDFpen includes OCR to convert that scan into text that you can search or edit. Want to remove sensitive info such as tax ID numbers from your PDF? Use PDFpen to redact your private data.

The latest version, PDFpen 6, has improved interface and tools. And now you can export your PDFs to Microsoft® Word format for sharing or editing. See the new features in action in this video by David Sparks.

Buy PDFpen for $60 in the Mac App Store or directly from Smile. Or buy PDFpenPro for $100 and you’ll get advanced features like form creation tools and document permission settings. Download the free demo!

Sponsorship by The Syndicate.