Sponsor: Igloo Software

My thanks again to Igloo for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week. Every time they sponsor I think “They’re the people I wish I had known about when I worked for The Man.”

At Igloo, we believe that working with other people doesn’t have to be complicated — it’s about three things: content, communication and collaboration. It’s why we integrate our core suite of apps around social tools to create an intranet you’ll actually like.

Your Igloo’s core apps include:

  • Blogs to share news and progress updates
  • Calendars that sync with your favorite software
  • Document storage, securely available anywhere
  • Forums to keep your discussions and ideas together
  • Microblogs, a private Twitter-like stream for your team
  • Wikis for living, collaborative documentation

Everything inside your Igloo is customizable. With multiple channels in each app, it’s easy to show different content to different teams, groups or projects. Plus, we’re securely hosted on the moon in the cloud.

Get started with Igloo today. And if your boss needs some convincing, we’ve got some whitepapers for her.

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