» Kevin Lynch mob

I like Rene Ritchie’s take on Apple’s hiring of Kevin Lynch. I would agree with it unequivocally but for the fact that he has to go back to Phil Schiller and Tim Cook as examples of outside hires that have worked out well for Apple.

Of the white males* on their executives page, only Bruce Sewell is a recent-ish outside hire, having come on board in 2009, and he’s in a support service, not a core business division (unless you’re cynical and consider lawsuits a core business of Apple’s). Of course, Lynch won’t be on the executives page, so he may dodge this curse.

Many Apple observers seem downright up in arms about the hiring of Kevin Lynch. Like Ritchie and Manton Reece, though, I’m inclined to give him a chance.

On the other hand, I wanted to give Browett a chance, too, and look how that turned out.

* I’m sorry if I’m assuming about Mansfield. He may actually be a grizzly bear.