Hey, Dan Lyons, your Apple analysis is making you look stupid

The other day Dan Lyons wrote one of his trademark “APPLE BAD!” pieces, this one about how the vacating of about 40 percent of the damages in Apple’s suit against Samsung made Apple look stupid for pursuing this litigation. Because an error by the jury is somehow a reflection on Apple.

I’m not linking to it because that would just be enabling someone with an unhealthy lifestyle. However, I’m sure Dan will offer a contrite retort now that that all of six days has passed and the following three things have occurred in Apple’s favor.

“Nokia files Pro-Apple Amicus brief in Samsung patent war”

Nokia’s filing believes that the case is headed towards a “compulsory-licensing system wherein patent holders are forced to license patented technology to competing firms, which could in turn harm incentives to innovate.”

“Japanese courts rule Samsung abusing FRAND patent process”

In the course of Apple’s court victory, it was found that in delaying the disclosure of standards-essential patents to potential licensees and to the court, Samsung was found for the first time in [sic] to be abusing the legal process.

“UK court rules Apple isn’t violating [Samsung] 3G patent”

A judge at a London court has ruled against a Samsung claim that Apple is violating a standards-essential 3G data patent.

These patent suits are broad in scope, being waged in multiple jurisdictions, and move back and forth like the tides. Do I think the three things above guarantee Apple victory? Of course not. That would be stupid. Like claiming a reduction in Apple’s judgement against Samsung shows the whole thing is a sham.

I’m not really a fan of Apple’s patent war. But while I don’t think it’s great for consumers, I’m not convinced it means Armageddon for them or that it’s a bad business decision for Apple.