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A giveaway for a product that doesn’t exist is a great way to launch your website.

Spreeify today announces the first ever official Apple iWatch giveaway. Ten winners will be announced prior to October 23 in conjunction with Apple’s official announcement of its newest revolutionary product.

Uh-huh. Sure.

Already I know what kind of people run Spreeify: douchebags.

In response to cynicism about Apple’s ability to succeed in the wristwatch industry, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, “The only thing we will never do is make a crappy product.”

That is, of course, not at all what Tim Cook was responding to. What he was responding to was speculation about Apple releasing a cheaper iPhone.

So, we’ve got giving away an imaginary product and misusing a quote from an Apple executive to pretend the imaginary product is real.

Good luck with your site launch.

(via Dan Moren)