» Where?

John Kirk writing for Techpinions about how Windows has been left behind in mobile:

According to Canalys, Apple – despite being supply constrained – sold 22.9 million tablets for 49% share, Samsung shipped 7.6 million tablets, Amazon shipped 4.6 million tablets for 18% share, and Google’s Nexus 7 and 10, combined, shipped 2.6 million tablets.

I know where Apple sells their tablets and I know where Amazon and Google sell theirs. But where does Samsung sell their tablets? I’m surprised that carrier stores and Best Buys are enough to get them even in distant second territory. I assume most of their sales are outside the U.S. because I can honestly say that while I’ve seen a number of Kindle Fires in the wild and a few Nexus 7s (including my own), I can count the number of times I’ve positively identified someone with a Samsung tablet on one finger.

Guess which one I use.

It’s my index finger. What were you thinking?

Seriously? Who counts like that?