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Jim Dalrymple notes that Apple’s iPad business is quite strong despite reports of its demise. I really do wonder if people (and some analysts) think Apple’s actually selling fewer iPads than it used to because its market share is down.

Jim finishes with this:

The more I look at the stories about Apple in mainstream media, the more I wonder about the news organization’s agenda.

I’m not sure if this is what Jim’s implying, but I don’t believe news organizations have an agenda against Apple. What they have is a bias toward conventional wisdom, narratives that are convenient and tell a “story”, even if that story isn’t exactly true.

Apple, after riding so high, must fall. “What goes up must come down” is a compelling and easy narrative to follow. Humans have been writing it since the Greeks wrote about Icarus and probably before. Cockroaches, crows and squids will probably write it about us after the robot-zombie-Bieber apocalypse.

Apple hit the top, it was the largest company in the world. So it had to come down.

Even if it didn’t.