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My thanks to QuoteRobot for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week.

QuoteRobot makes it easy to write winning proposals.

Let’s face it, proposal writing generally sucks. It’s unpaid time spent in the hopes of winning a new project. If you’re pitching against other companies, the chances of winning are further diluted. But, it’s a necessary evil.

Here are 3 tips from QuoteRobot to help you win more:

Focus on benefits, not features.
For example, instead of saying you’ll build a wordpress website with a blog (feature), say you’ll attract new customers (benefit) by making a website that’s easier to update.

Provide a timeline.
A detailed timeline with deliverables at key milestones will show that you have a process and have thought about the project from start to finish.

Look fantastic.
A well designed proposal will convert much better than one authored in Word. If you’re a designer, you gotta represent.

Give QuoteRobot a try and win more clients. Here’s a coupon code for 50% off your first month: YAYQBOT

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