» Galaxy Note halo effect?

There are some words I never thought I’d write. And I can still only do it by putting a ridiculous question mark after them. Look at that stupid title! Ugh.

Anyway, in a survey that showed concerns that iPad mini cannibalization of regular iPad sales are “overblown”, Morgan Stanley also found this:

…Samsung’s tablets showed a 7 percent rise in purchase intentions over December 2011.

I would have expected the Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire to be the only real players among “Android” tablets but Morgan Stanley found enthusiasm for the Fire was actually down a bit from last year. If I were in the market for an “Android”-based tablet, the Nexus and the Kindle Fire would be at the top of the list. Admittedly, Samsung has rather overtly said it’s not interested in my business as its advertising basically calls Apple’s customers mindless hipster dolts.

It’s not a huge increase for Samsung and it’s only a survey, but I wonder if the popularity of Samsung’s phones is benefitting them in tablets much as the iPod helped Apple.