» Tweeting too much

Todd Dybas, the University of Washington football and basketball beat reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune (disclosure: my wife worked there for years), was reprimanded by the university (more disclosure: I have a master’s from the UW — the whole Pacific Northwest is one big incestuous mess, frankly) for tweeting too much about a recent Huskies game.

Dybas notes that for credentialed members of the media:

The “recommended” total is “20 total in-game updates for basketball, 45 total in-game updates for football”.

I guess the thought is that reading someone tweeting about the game is just like being there? Not sure I follow the logic here. Also not sure why football gets more than twice as many tweets as basketball. Is that just because basketball is more boring?

Personally, I’d prefer it if my alma mater could work on the problem of people watching football games at home tweeting about them too much in my timeline.