» Only one place to turn

Zack Whittaker at ZDNet on an IDC report predicting the iPhone’s ascendance in the enterprise:

This is the tipping point. BlackBerry is on its way out as the business and enterprise gold standard in security and functionality, and the iPhone is heading in.

And this from a guy who declared the iPad “flawed from the start” and an “epic fail”.

Before it came out.

I made this point to a relative over the summer, though: if enterprises want something secure, modern and that represents a viable platform, the only choice is the iPhone. Enterprise IT shops come up with all kinds of crazy rationales for their purchases and they could always decide a choice of vendors is more important than security, but if they stick to what should be the more important criteria, iOS should benefit greatly. The only real question is if Apple’s prepared to make the most of that relationship.

For a good laugh, visit the comments where several people think BlackBerry is going to turn this around. Unless you don’t find people who are delusional to be funny.