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The Verge:

Microsoft’s Office for iPad, iPhone, and Android is a reality. Although Office Mobile has been rumored and reportedly spotted in the wild, Microsoft has remained persistently quiet about its plans for the product. The Verge has learned through several sources close to Microsoft’s plans that the company will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013.

zzzzzzzzOh, god, sorry. Dozed off for a minute there.

I’m sure there’s a core set of business users who will find this awesome for $6 a month, but I’ve got to think that most consumers have moved beyond massive office suites since the Clinton administration. Back when we printed a lot they made more sense, but now? Everyone’s needs probably vary, but I personally use Numbers for some financial stuff and Pages every now and again when I have to print out a letter like to my court-appointed…

When I have to print out a letter. Pivot tables and charts and presentations? Who am I, Douchey McDouchestein?

I’m not, by the way.