» Taking chances

Matt Alexander:

For years, Microsoft has allowed itself to become the embodiment of aging and uninteresting computing. But, rather than settle with this narrative, the company has embarked upon a path of introspective disruption. Not only is that a rare quality, but it’s one that I can unquestionably get behind.

I flip Microsoft a lot of shit because, well, that’s what I do. That’s my thing, girl. You know that, baby.

And I may disagree with Microsoft’s boosters about how set Windows 8 and the Surface are for success, but I do admire not only what they’re trying with Windows 8 but also what they’ve done with Windows Phone. Instead of just trying a me-too of iOS, they charted their own path and it was one that required a fundamental change in their own business model. I salute that.

Having to go through a desktop application to change the screen rotation on a touch-based device? Not so much.