» Strategy Analytics: iPad at 56.7 percent market share


Android tablets made a considerable leap in terms of market share last quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. The research firm saw the tablet sector growing compared to the same quarter last year, with Apple’s iPad still in the overwhelming lead over any individual competitor. Android-based tablets, though, collectively lopped eight percentage points off of Apple’s market share, taking the iPad maker from 64.5 percent of tablet shipments in the third quarter of 2011 to 56.7 percent for the same quarter 2012.

Remember that Pew had the iPad’s market share at 52 percent for the second quarter. I fully expect the iPad’s share to have fallen in the third quarter and have no reason to believe that Strategy Analytics’ number isn’t somewhere in the general ballpark. All these estimates have to be viewed as best guesses since Google and Amazon don’t report unit sales presumably because they’re too awesome. But Pew’s survey left out a whole age range and they reported it as market share. That’s just wrong.

Strategy Analytics’ number should be taken with a grain of salt. Pew’s number should be taken with a tab of acid.