» Sorry if he was too real

The Verge’s Tom Warren reports on a promotional event at Microsoft’s Atlanta store by rapper Machine Gun Kelly:

All Hip Hop reports that the rapper stomped on “at least five computers” before cops were called and Microsoft Store staff cut the music and microphone.

He also, and I am not making this up, shouted “Fuck these computers!” Clearly Machine Gun Kelly knows we’re living in a post-PC world.

You won’t get that kind of edgy realism at an Apple Store, my friends. No, you will not.

Although, I have seen fights break out between kids over the iPads at the kid’s table. (No one ever wants to bet with me on them, though.)

I also found this bit interesting:

Microsoft regularly books recording artists for performances at its retail stores…

Because their stores are so popular.

I was planning on going to their University Village Store the day the Surface launches. Wonder who’ll be playing.

I hope it’s not Nickelback.