» Mini use case

Shawn Blanc commenting on Jim Dalrymple’s iPad Mini review:

I use my 3rd-gen iPad a lot. Around the house and during my work day I do a lot of reading in Instapaper, Reeder, Safari, and Mail. And when I travel, I usually take just the iPad with me — it’s my laptop replacement.

This is sort of the equation that will determine whether or not you want a tablet at all and how much you’ll use it for working versus just consuming media.

When my primary machine was a 13-inch MacBook Pro, I often used my iPad as my mobile computer instead of the Pro. Now that my primary machine is an 11-inch MacBook Air, I do that less and think a Mini might suit my tablet needs better than my current 3rd-generation iPad. Uncharacteristically, because I usually have the self-restraint of a hyperactive puppy, I may wait until a Retina version ships before making the switch, however. I did order one for my wife who’s been using a Nexus 7 since July. Because that’s no way to treat someone you love.