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They’re Mac users and they’re retarded!

I think even the most devoted, mouth-foaming Mactard gets the picture–the enhanced retina, improved camera, faster processor, still very expensive picture, that is. Two iPad releases in the same year. How stupid do you think people are? OK, maybe you got me there. Still, you shouldn’t be so blatant about it.

Zing. Good one, dude.

In light of the recent controversy over Ann Coulter calling Obama a “retard”, I wonder if it’s ZDNet’s editorial policy that using the pejorative “Mactard” is just A-O-K?

Feel free to call us names. Feel free to mock our choice of technology vendor. God knows I do the same thing. Just cut the crap with using terms that demean an entire class of people just to try to score points in our stupid technology fights.