» Surface pricing… REVEALED

You’ve probably seen this already, but the Surface starts at $499 for a 32-GB model with no keyboard. I’d call that comparable to the iPad, not necessarily competitive since it doesn’t have the same breadth of apps (remember, Windows legacy apps won’t run on Windows RT), has lower screen resolution, is heavier and has a truly awful, embarrassing ad. Seriously, that ad makes you not want to be associated with the product. Why they didn’t do something along the lines of the instructive Windows 8 ad is beyond me.


Hold on, because the Surface has a killer feature.

Integrated Kickstand provides uncompromised support and flexibility.

*Uncompromised.* Which my spell checker tells me isn’t a word. Probably they meant “uncompromising”. But you get the point. Number of compromises: ZERO.

Well, unless you want it inclined at anything other than about 15 degrees. Other than that, though, totally uncompromised.