Big fall

Others have noted this, but it certainly is shaping up to be the biggest fall in quite some time. The iPhone 5/next iPhone event is on for next week, new Kindles from Amazon are coming this week, possible iPad mini next month, what may be a last-ditch effort from Nokia and…

Microsoft. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 and the Surface and its “partners” will ship any number of other “kablets”. (Anyone? Anyone? No?)

Take a look at this video from the Verge and then head to your cabinet and make sure you have enough popcorn. I don’t personally understand how Ed Bott can call that kind of interaction “get[ting] the job done with minimal frustration” but maybe Ed is a more patient guy than I am.

I was planning on getting a Surface RT in the name of science and I still might, although now it might be more in the name of comedy.