Sponsor: Igloo Software

My thanks to Igloo Software for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week.

Check this out: Igloo is giving away one of those clicky keyboards that, according to John Gruber, are one of the three key elements to being a big-time blogger (coffee and fizzy water are the other two). That’s right, you could score yourself a Das Keyboard this month!

Intranet has always been a bad word. It’s scary, like Microsoft in the ’90s or SharePoint is today. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A digital workplace is a new way of thinking about a corporate intranet. Instead of a place where documents go to die, it’s where you go to talk with your team, share files and have discussions.

Collaboration is within reach. Plans start at just $99 per month for up to 25 users and scales to enterprise levels.

Isn’t it time you get an intranet you actually like? (Or just get a free keyboard?)