» Blaming Browett

Horace Dediu:

For the head of the division to misidentify this fundamental purpose for the operation would be catastrophic and I would expect a lot more evidence to support such an extraordinary claim.

Anecdotally, I remember when I used to have to drive my Apple-fanboi butt up to Southcenter (half an hour from where I live) to go to one of those hole-in-the-wall Apple Stores “back in the day” and the place was always packed and it took forever to get help and the checkout line was a zoo. It is incorrect to claim that Apple Stores have always been staffed at just the right level to create a quality experience, please enjoy my strawman construction of the anti-Browett arguments, thank you for visiting.

I’m no fan of crappy retail experiences and Dixons doesn’t sound like my kind of experience, but it is tricky to figure out both how many stores to open and how to appropriately staff them. As Apple fans we of course want the best retail experience. Apple shareholders, though, might have other concerns.