» ‘The Hollow Metro Landscape’

Matt Alexander on what’s wrong with Windows Phone 7 and the rest of Microsoft’s upcoming offering:

Boasting Windows 8’s kernel and core developmental competencies, Windows Phone 8 portends to lend some semblance of unifying seamlessness to the Windows environment. And yet, for all of the consumer-facing rhetoric, Microsoft’s nature betrays the limp impotence of the endeavor. Windows 8 boasts the glitzy Metro demeanor, but continues to sustain the historic Explorer-driven environment all-too-close beneath the surface. Indulging and engorging this flawed environment, Windows Phone 8 claims to reach parity and seamlessness with this confusing message, thereby perpetuating the confusion across the Windows landscape.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Microsoft’s vision plays out. Possibly in a buttered popcorn kind of way.