» Microsoft’s new business model

Dan Frommer on Microsoft now making the whole widget:

But it sure looks like a better strategy for Microsoft than only trusting the Samsungs of the world to design great Windows tablets, and only trying to generate mobile revenue from Windows sales.

It is. Wonder where they got the idea for it?

Scene: Microsoft meeting room, March, 2011, just after the unveiling of the iPad 2.

Steven Sinofsky: “We think people are really going to get into mobile computing. Our independent market research all points to this. The only question is, how can we create a user experience that delights and amazes our customers in this burgeoning field?”

Steve Ballmer: “Wait a second! Why don’t we make the hardware and the software!”

Steven Sinofsky: “Boss, you’re brilliant! Where do you come up with these ideas?!”

(Disclaimer: no, I am not saying Apple invented the idea of making integrated hardware and software. I am insinuating that Microsoft executives are Ballmer toadies, but that’s just supposition.)