» “Why IDC Predicts Windows Phone Will Surpass iOS by 2016”

Without having read the article I’m going to guess “drugs”. Is it “drugs”?

Actually, I have read the article and their argument boils down to the idea that Windows Phones will be cheaper and therefore more appealing in emerging markets. Maybe that’s true if you assume Apple’s offering will stay static but if it’s all about price then how is Windows Phone supposed to be more appealing than Android?

“What I see from Windows Phone so far is that they’re starting to roll out entry-level mass market smartphones,” [senior IDC research analyst Ramon] Llamas said. “What’s iOS doing? They’re going to bring you an older iPhone for less expensive. Which one would you rather have: This year’s model or last year’s model?”

If the specs are comparable between the “new” phone and the “old” phone, I don’t see how it matters. Particularly when it looks like currently shipping Windows Phones will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, really, what’s the difference?