» A brief history of the Nortel patents

An interesting look at Rockstar, the shell company holding what’s left of the Nortel patents that Apple, Microsoft and not Google acquired. It’s an interesting story that dates back to 1882 when the company that would become Nortel was originally founded.

While it’s true that Apple and Microsoft actually make stuff, which is traditionally the differentiator between someone just protecting their stuff and a patent troll, this whole thing does seem a little skeevy.

It turned out that Nortel had patents that covered parts of the up-and-coming mobile data technology called Long Term Evolution. Also known as 4G, this is the standard now bringing speedier internet access to mobile phones. Many of those patents are now owned by Rockstar and could be enforced against mobile phone companies — Google, for example — in the coming months.

Well, OK, that’s not to say that something funny can’t come out of it.