» Why Flipping Through Paper-Like Pages Endures in the Digital World

Whether developers recognize it or not, users still subconsciously desire some kind of visual feedback when flipping through multiple pages of content.

Ben Brooks admits to feeling the same thing I feel:

I like the iBooks page flip — oddly enough.

I know I’m not “supposed to”, but this is at least one instance where I like the skeuomorphic design. Reading books has always been an intimate experience to me and I like a) retaining something of the original experience and b) having a visual feedback of progress. When you think about what reading text should be in a strictly non-skeuomorphic design, it’d be like reading an article, just vertically-oriented text scrolling all the way to the end. That’d be horrible.

Unless maybe it looked like a big scroll. But I don’t think that resonates with a lot of people.