» “Over-Promise and Under-Deliver”

My pal Paul Kafasis puts Apple’s celebrity Siri ads to the test and the results aren’t good. Might I suggest that if he’s going to pretend to be Samuel L. Jackson that he try it with an eye patch on. It won’t make Siri understand him any better but pretending to be Nick Fury is always awesome.

Not that I’d know. I just think it’d be good for him.

I’m going to say right now that I think trying to sell the iPhone based on Siri as it currently operates is a mistake. I was never the least bit squeamish about the “I’m a Mac” ads because they were all directionally correct. These ads, however, don’t actually seem to be.

It’s probably not a big mistake but it is clearly the first signs of Apple crumbling under Tim Cook makes Paul’s headline ironically apropos.