» JCPenney’s Gay Fathers Day Ad

In what appears to be a direct response to the failed boycott campaign of anti-gay group One Million Moms, JCPenney yesterday unveiled a new Father’s Day ad featuring a same-sex couple playing with their children.

I like what Ron Johnson’s doing at JCPenney. I just wish it were working better.

Three JCPenney anecdotes:

  • My wife has suddenly started looking at their ads and ooh-ing.
  • My dad, who’s pretty smart, just doesn’t think there’s any way for Johnson to save the company. I say if anyone can it’s probably him.
  • I touched Ron Johnson on the arm once at Macworld Expo. Didn’t talk to him, just walked up to him and… touch… and walked away. He was talking to someone else and didn’t even flinch. Cool cucumber.

(via Glenn Fleishman)