» Glassboard 2.0

In case you’re not familiar with Glassboard, here’s the deal: what Pair is to the bedroom, and Path is to the rec room, Glassboard is to the board room. (Hence “board” in the name. “Glass” refers to your phone’s screen.)

In other words, it’s great for teams (whether co-workers or not). It uses the same statuses, comments, and sharing that we’re all used to from social networks — except that Glassboard is private.

It’s hard to describe what Glassboard is useful for until you find the right fit. For example, I’m in several secret societies and once I got them off of Blackberry (Blackberry has been huge for years in the secret society space) and onto the iPhone, Glassboard was a natural. Now when we’re plotting a global shortage in frozen orange juice or installing one of our members as the head of the MPAA, we do it all through Glassboard.

Huh. I probably shouldn’t have told you that.

Well, just stay where you are. We’ll send someone around.

[fires up Glassboard]