“The very best smartphone”

On Apple’s quarterly conference call this afternoon, Tim Cook said (loosely) when asked about carriers trying to squeeze Apple on iPhone subsidies by pushing other phones:

Our focus is on making the very best smartphone in the world… and at the end of the day, carriers want to provide what customers want to buy.

You can’t really put it any more succinctly than that. Carriers can push crappy alternatives all they want, but people want iPhones. What are they going to do? Stop carrying them? Pardon me while I put both hands on my belly and lean back in my chair for a hearty guffaw.


I’d be interested to know the mix of iPhones sold in carrier stores versus those sold online, in the Apple Store or in a big box that lets you pick the carrier. I just don’t see carriers having a lot of leverage in this battle. Their primary hold on their customers is contracts, not loyalty. You really want to be in T-Mobile’s shoes right now?