» Instagram release illustrates why developers pick iOS over Android | Macworld

Lex Friedman on the choice for developers.

Frankly, the choice seems easiest for developers. When you’re running a business, you don’t pick sides based on emotion or whim: You take the path that’s best for your business. In the mobile development space today, that’s clearly the iOS side.

In general I think that’s true, but there are other considerations ranging from the practical (the time it would take to learn Objective C or Java) to the philosophical (“I love beautiful, walled gardens!” versus “I love pretending something is ‘open’!”). In Ryan’s case, as I said before, it wouldn’t have made any sense to try to develop Papermill for iOS. And it’s possible it’ll still pay off for him. Despite the shaking of many angry fists on the Internet, he has not stopped developing Papermill. So, I wouldn’t say categorically that one is being emotional or acting on whim by choosing to develop for Android.

That thing he said about watching the Golden Girls, though, that’s just nuts.