I know what you’re wondering. Why such a Very Nice Web Site?

Since 2002 I’ve been making the better part of my living writing on the web. And by “better part” I mean the more enjoyable part. Certainly not the part that made more money. Good lord, no. That would have to be the car dealership franchise I own that runs up and down the eastern seaboard.

(Note: I do not actually own a car dealership franchise. That I know of. I mean, really, everyone knows the big money’s in yachts. Who buys a car dealership? It just doesn’t make sense in this economy.)

In early 2012 I decided to quit my day job because money can only make you so happy. And writing, well, that can make you miserable forever.

My thanks to my pal Paul Kafasis for some WordPress tips and to Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin for their inspirational Back to Work podcast which helped me think about what it is I wanted to do. Contrary to rumor, though, their podcast does not contain a subliminal message that says “QUIT YOUR JOB, QUIT YOUR JOB, QUIT YOUR JOB…” Turns out that loop was playing in my subconscious and their show just brought it to the surface.

Incidentally, that refrain has now been replaced with “OH, GOD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? OH, GOD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? OH, GOD…”

Anyway, here we are. Don’t worry, though, it’s cool. I’ll tell you my secret: send your wife back to work. That’s what I’m doing. If you don’t have someone you can send back to work or they’re already working and you still can’t quit your job, then I don’t have any advice for you.

What will I cover here? Mostly Apple news, I suspect. God knows the Internet has been screaming for someone else to opine about Apple. Look no further, weary Internet! Your prayers have been answered! Above and beyond that I’d say the issues that interest me are media criticism, general technology, science fiction, comic books, humor, baseball, competitive macramé and yachts.

You may not be able to believe everything you read about me on these pages, but you can believe what you read about the topics I cover. Mostly. I mean Steve Ballmer isn’t technically a four-legged plow animal. He’s actually a simian of some kind. No, it’s true. Scientists just disagree as to what kind.

Besides, do you think you can believe everything you read on Gizmodo? ZDNet? The Wall Street Journal? Competitive Macramé Weekly? The Yachting News? Now who’s being naive?

I invite you to join me in this journey of self-discovery. Together, we may learn something about ourselves. Or, more importantly, yachts.