» For Generating App Revenue, Amazon Shows Google How to Play

This is my pick for the “findings of the week most likely to be misreported” category. I suspect some will report it as “Google Play makes 1/4 of what iTunes makes”, which is not what it’s saying. Indeed, Electronista, where I picked up the link, seems to have fallen into that trap.

The Google Play Store still makes less than a quarter of the revenue from apps than Apple’s App Store, Flurry found in tracking app data.

It’s more accurate to say that Google Play makes less than a quarter of the revenue per downloaded app. Electronista’s phrasing sounds like it’s overall revenue.

What Flurry did was look at in-app purchases for a basket of top apps available across the three stores studied: iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. I suspect that if you were to look at all apps, Google Play might look worse. And Amazon is the smallest of the three, so their store is most likely generating less revenue than Google Play, not more.

This doesn’t seem that surprising to me. Things that fit conveniently into my world view usually aren’t, though.